About Us.

About Us.

Who We Are.

In short, we’re a bunch of geeks that like designing pretty websites.  We believe a functional esthetic design should follow the patient from their first impression of you, to your final impressions of them. 🙂

A majority of our team grew up in the heart of the mobile revolution.  Our experience from dial-up as a kid to smartphones in high school have engrained a natural connection with technology, trends, and their evolution.

Our Process

We take pride in working with our clients to deliver a tailored result.  You won’t find any cookie-cutter templates here.

Building a website shouldn’t be a shot in the dark.  We start off our project by meeting with you to discuss your goals, needs, and style preferences.

Next, we will mock-up your website’s home page.  This allows us to check-in that we are on the same page with design, before moving on to build out the rest of the website.  We schedule in time for iterative feedback to ensure we are aligned in our visions.

After nailing down the preliminary design, we proceed with building out all supporting pages and elements across your website.

We end the project by, again, allowing for feedback to ensure we deliver a product all parties are happy with.

Tools We Use.

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Answers to some of our most frequently received questions.

Absolutely. We create your website using a tool that makes editing text, images, and other content a breeze.  Of course, in our full service package, we’ll happily have one of our team members take care of any edits requested.

Simply put, you do!  You pay for the website and it is your property.  If you decide to switch providers, you can take the site with you.  

A majority of the projects we work on start at $3,000 and go up to $10,000.  This range, of course, accounts for variation in needs and wants for your website.  Contact us to discuss your needs for a free estimate!

Most projects take about a month to complete, start-to-finish, however times may vary depending on extent of the build-out.